Headless Odoo Nextjs e-Commerce

Headless Odoo Nextjs e-Commerce: Build Scalable Stores for the Future

The landscape of e-commerce is constantly evolving. Businesses today require solutions that offer not only powerful features but also flexibility and scalability. Enter the exciting world of headless e-commerce, where the front-end presentation layer is decoupled from the back-end data source. This approach unlocks a treasure trove of benefits for businesses looking to build future-proof online stores.

Heliconia Solutions is proud to announce the development of a Headless Odoo Next.js e-commerce boilerplate. This initial version provides a robust foundation for businesses seeking to leverage the strengths of both Odoo and Next.js.


What is Headless Odoo e-Commerce?

In a traditional e-commerce setup, the front-end and back-end are tightly coupled. This can limit flexibility and make it difficult to make independent changes to either layer. Headless Odoo e-commerce breaks this barrier. Here's how it works:

  • Odoo as the Headless Backend:  Odoo, a renowned open-source ERP system, acts as the powerful back-end. It manages product information, inventory, customer data, and other crucial aspects of your online store.
  • Next.js as the Flexible Frontend:  Next.js, a popular React framework, serves as the front-end layer. It allows you to create a visually appealing and user-friendly online store with features like server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation (SSG) for lightning-fast performance and SEO benefits.
  • GraphQL API for Seamless Data Flow:  The magic lies in the communication between these two layers. Our boilerplate utilizes Odoo's GraphQL API to establish a smooth flow of data. This API allows the Next.js frontend to efficiently retrieve product details, customer information, and other essential data from the Odoo backend.

Benefits of Headless Odoo Next.js e-Commerce

  • Scalability:  Next.js is known for its ability to handle large traffic volumes efficiently. This translates to a scalable e-commerce platform that can grow with your business.
  • Performance:  Experience lightning-fast loading times and improved SEO thanks to Next.js's built-in optimization features.
Headless Odoo Next.js E-commerce Page Speed.
Headless Odoo Next.js E-commerce Page Speed. 
  • Flexibility:  The separation of concerns between frontend and backend empowers developers to customize the user interface and functionalities independently. This allows you to create a truly unique online store experience.
  • Reduced Development Time:  Our boilerplate provides a solid starting point, saving you valuable development time.
Explore the Future Today!

We invite you to explore the initial version of our boilerplate at https://odoo-nextjs-commerce.vercel.app/. This live demo showcases the core functionalities and provides a foundation for building your next e-commerce project.

Open Source on the Horizon

We are actively working towards making this boilerplate open-source in the near future. This will allow developers to contribute, customize, and build upon our foundation to create unique and powerful e-commerce experiences.

Tech Stack:

  • Odoo 16.0
  • Next.js 14.1
  • TailwindCSS 3.4

Stay tuned for updates on the open-source release and follow us for further developments in headless Odoo e-commerce solutions!

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