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Hire Odoo developers for seamless customization, integration, and support. Empower your business with tailored solutions. Unlock Odoo's potential today!

Looking to Hire Certified Odoo Techno Functional Developers?

Empower your business with our certified Odoo techno-functional developers. From implementation to maintenance, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. With expertise in QA and testing, ensure a flawless Odoo experience. Our Odoo developers are well trained and can work on your projects.

Implementation and Configuration - Heliconia

Implementation and Configuration

Swiftly set up and configure Odoo to kickstart your operations with tailored configurations for seamless integration.

  • Business Analysis: Tailor Odoo configurations with thorough business analysis to align with your specific needs.
  • Gap Analysis: Conduct tailored gap analysis to identify specific needs and solutions.
  • Install and Configure Odoo: Swiftly install and configure Odoo to kickstart your operations.
  • Module Selection and Installation: Select and install modules that best fit your business requirements.
  • Initial User Training: Provide comprehensive training for seamless integration and optimal usage of the Odoo system.
  • Data Migration: Seamlessly migrate data to ensure continuity and smooth transition.
Customization and Development - Heliconia

Customization and Development

Customize and develop Odoo modules to align perfectly with your business processes, enhancing functionality and user experience.

  • Module Customization: Customize existing modules to align perfectly with your business processes.
  • Develop New Modules: Develop new modules to add specific functionalities to your Odoo instance.
  • User Interface (UI) Customization: Craft intuitive user interfaces to enhance user experience.
  • Website Theme Development: Create captivating website themes for a unique online presence.
  • Odoo E-commerce Development: Build robust e-commerce solutions within your Odoo platform.
  • Odoo OWL Development: Develop Odoo OWL (Odoo Web Library) for enhanced functionality.
Integration and Automation - Heliconia

Integration and Automation

Seamlessly integrate Odoo with third-party systems and automate workflows for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

  • Integrate with Third-Party Systems: Seamlessly integrate Odoo with third-party systems for enhanced functionality.
  • REST and GraphQL API Development: Develop REST and GraphQL APIs to facilitate seamless communication with external systems.
  • Automate Workflows: Automate workflows within Odoo to streamline operations and boost productivity.
Maintenance and Support - Heliconia

Maintenance and Support

Ensure smooth operations with bug fixes, performance optimization, regular updates, and backups, backed by comprehensive support.

  • Bug Fixes and Troubleshooting: Swiftly resolve bugs and troubleshoot issues to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Performance Optimization: Optimize the performance of your Odoo instance to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Regular Updates and Backups: Provide regular updates and backups to safeguard your data and ensure security.
Additional Services - Heliconia

Additional Services

Beyond development, we offer training, ongoing support, and other tailored services to meet your evolving needs.

  • Training and User Support: Conduct comprehensive training sessions and provide ongoing support to empower users.
  • Ongoing Development and Support: Offer ongoing development and support services to ensure continuous improvement of your Odoo instance.
Quality Assurance and Testing - Heliconia

Quality Assurance and Testing

Rigorously test and ensure the quality of your Odoo solutions, minimizing errors and maximizing performance for optimal user experience.

  • Functionality Testing: Verify core functionalities and modules, fix bugs, and ensure system stability with regression testing.
  • Usability Testing: Assess UI intuitiveness and workflow efficiency to optimize user experience and business processes.
How to Hire Odoo Developer?

Hiring Process of Odoo Developers

Unlock the expertise of our seasoned Odoo developers effortlessly. With a seamless hiring process, tailored solutions, and industry-leading expertise, we make hiring Odoo developers a breeze. From customization to integration, trust us to elevate your Odoo experience. Explore our hiring options today and take your Odoo projects to new heights!

Consultation - Heliconia


Initiate a consultation session with our expert team to discuss your project requirements, objectives, and desired outcomes.

Developer Selection - Heliconia

Developer Selection

Leverage our extensive network of Odoo developers to handpick a skilled team tailored to your project's technical requirements and specifications.

Negotiation and Contract - Heliconia

Negotiation and Contract

Engage in transparent negotiations to finalize project timelines, deliverables, pricing structures, and contract terms that align with your budget and expectations.

Onboarding - Heliconia


Seamlessly onboard the selected developers into your project team, providing them with the necessary resources and access to kickstart the development process.

Kickstart Collaboration - Heliconia

Kickstart Collaboration

Initiate collaboration between your team and ours, ensuring effective communication channels and alignment on project goals and milestones.

Support and Maintenance - Heliconia

Support and Maintenance

Enjoy ongoing support and maintenance services post-project completion, ensuring the continued optimization and functionality of your Odoo solution.

Reduce Risk, Get Results

Hiring Odoo Developers Made Easy

Streamline your Odoo development needs with our user-friendly hiring model for Odoo developers.


Price Based on Requirement
  • Budget Predictability: Provides clarity on project costs upfront, ensuring budget predictability and financial planning.
  • Defined Scope: Well-suited for projects with clearly defined requirements and a fixed scope of work, minimizing scope creep.
  • Fixed Timelines: Set deadlines and project milestones upfront, allowing for better project management and timeline adherence.
  • Risk Mitigation: Reduces the risk of cost overruns and project delays, as the scope and budget are predetermined.
  • Ease of Planning: Simplifies project planning and resource allocation, enabling efficient utilization of resources.
  • Client Satisfaction: Offers clients peace of mind with a clear understanding of project deliverables and costs from the outset.


Starting from 10 USD/Hour
  • Flexibility: Provides flexibility to accommodate changing project requirements and priorities, allowing for agile development.
  • Pay-as-you-go: Pay only for the actual time spent on development tasks, optimizing cost-efficiency and resource utilization.
  • Scalability: Easily scale resources up or down based on project needs, ensuring optimal resource allocation.
  • Adaptability: Ideal for projects with evolving requirements or those requiring ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Transparency: Offers transparency in billing, with detailed logs of hours worked on each task, ensuring accountability.
  • Quick Start: Enables quick project initiation, as developers can start working on tasks immediately without the need for extensive planning.


Starting from 1500 USD/Month
  • Dedicated Resources: Provides access to dedicated developers or teams for continuous support and development, ensuring resource availability.
  • Long-Term Engagement: Suited for long-term projects or continuous maintenance needs, fostering a stable and consistent development environment.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Offers cost savings compared to hiring developers on a per-project basis, especially for ongoing or extended projects.
  • Predictable Budget: Allows for budget predictability with a fixed monthly fee, simplifying financial planning and forecasting.
  • Consistency: Ensures consistent resource availability and project continuity, minimizing disruptions and delays.
  • Customization: Tailor the team composition and skillsets to match project requirements, ensuring alignment with project goals and objectives.

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Benifit of Hiring Odoo Developer

Maximize efficiency with expert Odoo developers. Tailored solutions, seamless integration, and ongoing support ensure optimal performance for your business.

Easy Onboarding - Heliconia

Easy Onboarding

Seamlessly integrate Odoo developers into your team with streamlined processes, ensuring a smooth transition and rapid productivity from day one.

Customization and Flexibility - Heliconia

Customization and Flexibility

Tailor Odoo to your exact specifications with expert developers, ensuring your system meets unique business requirements while maintaining flexibility for future growth.

Direct Communication - Heliconia

Direct Communication

Enjoy direct, open communication channels with your Odoo developers, fostering collaboration, feedback, and alignment throughout the development process for optimal results.

Scalability - Heliconia


Odoo developers design solutions that scale with your business, accommodating growth and evolving needs, ensuring your system remains robust and effective in the long term.

Full Control and Ownership - Heliconia

Full Control and Ownership

Retain full control and ownership of your Odoo solution, with developers empowering you to make decisions and modifications that align with your business objectives and vision.

Continuous Support - Heliconia

Continuous Support

Benefit from ongoing support and maintenance from experienced Odoo developers, ensuring your system remains reliable, secure, and up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

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Hire Odoo Developers

Why Hire Odoo Developers from Heliconia Solution?

Heliconia Solution offers skilled Odoo developers to complement your team. Our experts excel in Odoo development, spanning both community and enterprise editions. They bring expertise in Odoo techno-functional aspects, ensuring seamless development across all versions.

Expertise and Experience

Our team of Odoo developers brings years of experience and expertise in Odoo development, customization, integration, and support. They are well-versed in the intricacies of the Odoo framework and can deliver solutions that align perfectly with your business requirements.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you need custom module development, third-party integration, workflow automation, or UI/UX enhancements, our developers can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. They work closely with you to understand your objectives and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Flexible Hiring Models

We offer flexible hiring models to suit your budget and project requirements. Whether you need a dedicated developer for a long-term project or require additional resources for a specific task, we can accommodate your needs with our hiring options.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration

Our developers are committed to transparent communication and collaboration throughout the development process. They work closely with your team to ensure that project goals are met on time and within budget, fostering a seamless partnership.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Say goodbye to data silos and clunky integrations. Custom software seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and tools, creating a unified and efficient data ecosystem that fosters collaboration and informed decision-making.

Proven Track Record

Our developers have a proven track record of delivering successful Odoo projects across various industries and business sizes. With a portfolio of satisfied clients, you can trust us to translate your vision into reality and drive tangible results for your business.

Hire Dedicated Software Engineers

Hire Dedicated Software Engineers with Heliconia Solutions

Hire top developers (Odoo, Flutter, Next.js) at Heliconia Solutions (offshore development center). Flexible models to build your dream team!

Why Choose Heliconia?

Choose Heliconia for unparalleled expertise, tailored solutions, and dedicated support. With over a decade of experience, we excel in Odoo consulting, development, and integration. Our commitment to excellence ensures seamless implementation, optimized workflows, and transformative outcomes for your business. Partner with us for innovation-driven success.

Odoo Silver Partner - Heliconia

Odoo Silver Partner

As an Odoo Silver Partner, we bring unparalleled expertise and resources to your projects. Benefit from our deep understanding of Odoo's capabilities, ensuring optimal implementation and support tailored to your business needs.

12+ Years of Development Excellence

We boast a proven track record of successful projects across diverse industries, delivering cutting-edge development solutions.

35+ Expert Developers

Our team comprises highly skilled and certified developers passionate about exceeding client expectations.

Client-Centric Approach

We take the time to understand your unique goals and challenges, crafting solutions that perfectly align with your vision.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer flexible engagement models and competitive pricing to ensure your development projects stay within budget.

End-to-End Support

We provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your systems run smoothly and remain secure.

Industry Expertise

We tailor solutions to your industry, ensuring strategic alignment with best practices for technically sound and effective solutions.

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